Modes of Emotion

Master Your Emotions and Become the Powerful Creator of Your Life

You possess more inner power than you know.

Within you rests a vast aqueduct of power.

It’s the power to leave suffering behind,

to summit mountains and to create miraculous results.

Are you stranded in the Desert of Pain?

  • Too many areas of my life feel out of control.
  • My body is failing me.
  • I often wonder, “What’s the point of anything?”

Are you lost in the Swamp of Struggle?

  • I often feel like a fraud.
  • What I want keeps getting further and further out of reach.
  • My best efforts keep producing unforeseen consequences.

Do you long for comfort and calm?

  • I wish I wasn’t afraid of making mistakes.
  • I am readily distracted or diverted from my intentions.
  • Can life ever be easy?

We can help with that!

We understand your pain. We’ve been there.

We can help you break free of imprisoning beliefs and habits. We’ve done it.

Like you, we are continuously alert for greater understanding

Unlike you, we have found tools and techniques that work.

For you, we serve as wisdom guides,

providing patience, understanding, confidentiality, and encouragement.

Begin your journey from pain to power today.

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