The 5 Modes

Moving from Pain to Power

The river that runs through our town begins somewhere high in the Rocky Mountains. The canyon it has carved attests to its power, especially in the spring when the flow is high. As it picks up water along its journey, it also picks up rocks. By the time those rocks have been tumbled downhill to our elevation, all the rough edges have been worn smooth. They are now distinctive “river rocks.”

But if someone takes a sledge hammer to one of them and busts it open, they find the smoothed off nature of the rock was all on the outside. The interior is revealed as a new set of rough edges and sharp points. Shards and gravel litter the ground. Its core, hidden beneath the smooth exterior, is now exposed to the light.

This can be a metaphor for the way life tumbles us around. Challenge and difficulty may polish us smooth on the outside, while within ourselves we experience the sharp jabs of pain and the deep ache of suffering.

What we want is some way to polish off those inner rough places, some way to soften anguish into peace, some way to feel whole and complete without losing our distinctive uniqueness.

The Modes of Emotion education program is designed to do exactly that. This 21-lesson program is divided into 5 mini-series of 4 to 5 sessions each, one for each Mode of Emotion. Because of the variety of ways people learn, we include audio, written, and visual opportunities for accessing the material. Each lesson includes audio and written versions of the material, plus handouts and worksheets as appropriate. In addition, an Active Alignment meditative mind-training audio comes with each session. These alignment sessions will reinforce the material in the individual lesson and are designed to help you become the person of power you were born to be.

The 5 Modes


Interpreter (coming soon)

Observer (coming soon)

Partner (coming soon)

Creator (coming soon)