About the Path to Mastery

Do you know what you want from life? Do you have any idea how to get it? If you knew there was a path to being healthier, wealthier, wiser, happier and/or more purposeful, would you want to follow that path?

Welcome to The Path of Mastery – a proven methodology for becoming the intentional creator of your life.

Creating is actually quite easy; we all do it all the time, both consciously or subconsciously, and our lives are the evidence of what we have created. Mastery is the ability to create consciously, on purpose, with clear intent.

We call our program “The Path of Mastery” for two reasons.

First, because it’s a journey. It’s a journey the begins with a deliberate decision – so you may already be well along your way – and it continues until you achieve the result you’re looking for.

And second, because Mastery is a process of consistent growth.

The first big step is to learn the concepts and become familiar with the tools. Learning to apply the tools comes from practice, through repetition, reinforcement and deepening understanding. Eventually we become masters at applying the tools in every situation. Here at, we believe our emotions are the tools and when we master our emotions, we master our lives.

So The Path to Mastery progresses from where you are right now, from what you have right now, and from who you are right now. It utilizes what you currently know, what you are currently experiencing, and the tools you currently possess. And it includes everything you regret as well as everything you wish for. It is the past, present and future all mixed together.

Begin the Ascent

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The Importance of Core Values

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Session 3

Cause and Effect

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Session 5

Free Will (coming soon)

Meet Our Founder

Kathy Jacobson is an enthusiastic participant in life. As a writer, she’s the author of four published novels and taught novel writing for six years, helping many budding writers sell their manuscripts to national publishing companies. Her professional experience includes managing a summer camp for the Girl Scouts and developing trainings for a supply chain company.

Her search for universal truth brought her to life coaching. She has created of a number of programs, including: The 5 Modes of EmotionTM, Manifestation, Knowing Yourself, and Tapping into Universal Truth. See Classes for those currently available. For the past thirty years or so she has helped students and clients clarify their intentions, acquire effective tools and techniques, and achieve lasting results. In 2020, she created a Wisdom Guide training program for aspiring coaches, based on her philosophy of the Modes of Emotion.

Kathy now makes these principles and techniques available on a wider scale through the materials available on this website. Her book Being the Creator, the 5 Modes of Emotion and its accompanying workbook are available from this website and from most on-line book distributors.

She is the oldest of nine siblings, the mother of two grown children, grandmother of two, and an avid hiker. After both her children had graduated from college, she returned to the university and earned a B.A. in Anthropology. She graduated from the International Coaching Academy in 2006 and has a CPPC certification. She is the author of three books focused on life skills: Being the Creator: the Five Modes of Emotional Power; The Miracle Factor: a Day Book; and Happiness is the Way.