What is personal power?


My former husband was fond of the adage: “Money is power and power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

This may be true, but I have two major objections to it. First, it assumes power is evil, and therefore it denies the ability of power to create. And second, if someone has this belief lodged in their consciousness, it denies creative power to them.

Perhaps the case could be made that political power is evil, but it would be truer to say that wielding power evilly is evil. And that, of course, can be said of almost everything. Power, when examined without any moral judgments attached, is neutral, neither good nor bad.

So let’s look at when power is beneficial, and use electricity as our model instead of politics.

Electrical power makes things go. It enables. It generates. It supplies. It drives. In today’s world, almost nothing happens without electricity. Even machines driven by gasoline or oil now have electronic starters and/or control panels.

Personal power possesses many of the same characteristics. It generates action. It supplies motivation. It drives intentions, actions and results. And when used effectively, it provides enormous benefits. It can eliminate suffering through both prevention and healing. It eases struggle in almost every conflict you can name – in relationships, in money matters, in health and wellness situations, to name a few. It expands possibilities, in the present and the future. It enables cooperative partnerships. And it fosters oneness with the universe. In essence, by accepting, accessing and employing personal power, we become the creators of our lives.

Because we are alive, we have the power to act, we have the power to think, and we have the power to feel. It’s therefore possible to conclude personal power equals living. In a way, power equals breathing, and vice versa, breathing equals power. But since breathing is something we’ve done automatically from the moment of birth, that alone may not feel very powerful.

So how about this? Think about personal power as an idea, and ask yourself what it means to you. If you were to see yourself as powerful, what descriptive adjectives would you come up with? Here are a few to start with: Strong. Vigorous. Capable. Masterful. Indomitable. Wise. Creative. Expand your own list as additional ideas of power come to you.

Now, as an experiment, sort through the words you’ve come up with and pick through you list for the one that seems particularly potent for you. Imagine yourself as a person who possesses that quality. Imagine that quality as being your super power. What you do with it?

Try thinking of the possibilities in the following three ways:

First, how would you act differently if you possessed that quality?

Second, in what different ways would you direct your thoughts?

And third, what different emotions would you experience?

When you have the answer to these question, ask yourself: “If I believed I possessed this great super power, would it be important to me to tap into it? Would I want to grow into it? Would I be willing to master it?

If your answers to any of these questions is yes, then know this. You do possess such power – and more.

Just because you are human, a great aquifer of personal power resides within you. It runs deep, probably unseen, unexplored and unmapped – and, most likely, untapped.

At times you may feel helpless. At times you may feel discouraged about your situation, or you might feel weak when compared to others, or you might feel that life is too hard. In those situations, the possibility that such power exists within you might seem like a myth or a fairy tale. You might decide that even if it is there, you have no access to it. To let it gush free would take a miracle.

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