Modes of Emotion

Master your Emotions, 

Master your Life 

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You have the power within you to leave suffering behind, to summit mountains, to create miraculous results, and to release all the greatness within.

Everyone does.


  • Being the Creator.
  • Being in your Power.
  • Mastering your life.
  • Healing yourself.
  • Choosing Happiness.
  • Learning the art of manifestation.

These aspirations are all one. The Path to Mastery leads to them all, driven by the power of your emotions.

In this way, when you master your emotions, you master your life.
Our objective is to guide your way.

We invite you to investigate and make full use of the free materials available on this website.


Being the Creator

This book introduces five specific levels of personal power. These levels are called The 5 Modes of Emotion. As Kathy presents them, she illustrates the cause-and-effect nature of emotions, then presents effective techniques for growth and expansion.

The accompanying workbook will help you adapt the techniques presented in the book to your specific circumstances. It suggests hands-on experience as you grow through the various Modes.

Use a Guide 

Our Wisdom Guides have all used the philosophy and techniques of The Modes of Emotion as they’ve traveled the Path of Mastery. They then trained and certified as 5 Mode Guides. As you progress along your path, you may desire more personal help. These amazing guides are here to help you. We invite you to contact one of them for an initial free session.