Group Coaching

Come Together

For strength and synergy.

In this age of “social media” we have growth farther apart.
We know more about each other and less about ourselves.

We want community. We want to share joys and sorrows.
We want to grow and help others grow.
We want to build our own success and support the success of others.
We want to bring peace to the world.

For this and more, join one of our Empowerment Groups

The Benefits

Learn you are not alone
Be heard by others who care.
Discover new aspects of your personal power.
Release fears and doubts.
Be vulnerable in a safe environment.
Gain greater understanding of barriers that block you.
Experience the grace of unconditional support.
Know you are One with the Universe.

What Sessions are Like

We start with a check-in to further our acquaintance with each other.
Then a short guided meditation help us gain a state of calm.
We share progress toward our and group personal intentions.
Sometimes we share what is troubling us.
Sometimes we review the principles of personal power
and share our own wisdom to help others with their challenges.

How Does it Work?

Each Empowerment Group runs for 12 weeks.
We meet together on a Zoom call once a week.
Each call lasts approximately 90 minutes.
We use Kathy’s book, Being the Creator – the 5 Modes of Emotion as a guide.
The Being the Creator workbook is included in the registration fee.
A maximum of ten people are allowed in each group.
No new participants may enter after the 3rd week.

All Groups are led by Kathy and/or one of our certified coaches.