About Our Founder

Kathy is an enthusiastic participant in life, She works with clients to identify the changes they want to make in their lives, clarify their intentions, and achieve lasting results. By focusing on the principle of cause-and-effect, she’s helped hundreds of people tap into the deep personal power they already posses and become true creators of health, financial well-being, improved relationships and an inner sense of purpose. To her coaching, she brings clarity, wisdom, enthusiasm and passion. To her clients, she gives unconditional acceptance and encouragement.

She is the oldest of nine siblings, the mother of two grown children, grandmother of two, and an avid hiker. After both her children had graduated from college, she returned to the university and earned a B.A. in Anthropology. She graduated from the International Coaching Academy in 2006 and has a CPC certification. She is the author of three books focused on life skills: Being the Creator: the Five Modes of Emotional Power; The Miracle Factor: a Day Book; and Happiness is the Way.

About Modes of Emotion

​The emotions listed on the right side of the diagram are a sampling of the various modes.

The labels on the left side of the diagram are meant to help you understand how the emotions you experience affect your life.

​The words running up the center of the diagram (from Impossible to Inevitable) represent your perceptions of life when you are functioning in the different modes.

  • In Victim Mode you give up your personal power and the emotions themselves take over.
  • In Interpreter Mode you endure struggle and difficulty.
  • In Observer Mode you are neutral and create calm.
  • In Partner Mode you ally with others (and yourself) to facilitate positive outcomes.
  • In Creator Mode you enjoy extraordinary results, even miracles.